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We will manage all areas of your business insurance

We will manage all areas of your business insurance: Directors & Officers Liability, Property, Third party & Product Liability, Professional Indemnity, Cyber, Marine Cargo, Workers’ Compensation, Employers Liability and more.

We will provide you with full services to all aspects of insurance in your company:

  • Analysis – Analysis of risks and exposures that your company faces.
  • Audit – Auditing existing insurance programs.           
  • Back Office – Assistance in insurance applications, risk surveys, contract reviews and risk management support to your various departments & global subsidiaries.
  • Procurement – management of your policies purchases and policies renewals through negotiations with insurers and brokers worldwide. Achieving your company’s optimal coverage at a minimal cost. 
  • Claim Management – management and monitoring all your business insurance claims.
  • Research – updating your company with the most up to date  solutions in the insurance world. 
  • Cost Efficiency – ongoing management and Control of the insurance budget.
  • Processes – improvement and optimization of your company’s insurance processes including issuing of new procedures and guidelines.:
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