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Hirsh Insurance Management

Hirsh Insurance was established by Nimrod Hirsh to help medium, large companies and primarily global companies manage their exposures in a cost-effective way through insurance. 

Through his many years of experience at Stratasys, a global trading company, as an insurance risk manager, he has held countless negotiations with insurers and brokers worldwide, established global insurance programs, managed claims in every business insurance field, provided training & guidance to the company’s various departments & subsidiaries and more. 

Together with his experience in the insurance industry as a senior insurance underwriter, Nimrod has gained a broad perspective on the insurance industry and the needs of global companies. Now Hirsh insurance mission is to provide your business with the best insurance solutions. 

Our goal is to optimize your insurance portfolio and bring it to maximum use.  We will be your in-house broker, but unlike any other broker, we will be committed exclusively to you!

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